Join The Refill Revolution

Larkly Applicator product - a brush with powder tub

Our product was designed to be kind to the environment, so naturally, our packaging is too!

Our innovative technology has made it very easy to refill your own applicator by purchasing an easy to replace container pre filled with the same mineral powder sunscreen. simply twist onto the bottom of your brush replacing the empty one. This eliminates the need to purchase a new brush each time which also means less waste ending up in our landfills. another added bonus? the Larkly brush is TSA –friendly, too! so, this makes for a great choice for travel.

Simply twist the refill onto the bottom of your brush, replacing the empty one.

Three young children jumping joyfully in the air on hiking path

Our self-dispensing brush makes putting on sunscreen fun.

Instead of struggling with hard-to-absorb lotions and fighting with squirmy kids, our natural mineral powder goes directly on the skin with no mess, irritation or tears. The extra soft, large brush feels incredible on the skin, and you’re never left with that sticky feeling from other traditional sunscreens. It’s fast, safe, and most importantly, it’s effective.

Mom Tested,

kid approved