The Importance of Year-Round Sun Protection

When you’re hanging by the pool or getting in the car for a trip to the beach, bringing sunscreen with you is a no-brainer. It’s something Mom and Dad would drill into your head every summer, and you probably do it with your kids now too! But, sunscreen isn’t just important for a day at the pool or a hike in the summer, it should be an integral part of your daily skincare routine especially if you’ll be outside for more than 30 minutes during the day.

Larkly designed our mineral sunscreen to make it easy to include sun protection as part of your daily routine. Whether you’re an on-the-go parent or someone who leads an active, outdoorsy lifestyle, you need a barrier for your skin to keep it looking and feeling its best. Here are four reasons why this addition to your routine is essential for long-term health and wellness: 

Sunscreen provides anti-aging benefits.

All of us want to age gracefully, and the best way to do so is to protect our skin. UV damage causes collagen and connective tissues in your skin to break down, which leads to wrinkles later in life. UV damage can also cause dark spots, which enhances the signs of aging. By applying Larkly’s mineral sunscreen to your face, neck, and hands, you can avoid these dark spots and keep your natural glow effortlessly! 

Sunscreen prevents painful sunburns.

Have you ever come home from a day at the beach looking red as a lobster, and not even notice until you step inside? Ouch! Sunburns can be incredibly painful, especially if you have a fair complexion or if the burned area covers a significant portion of your body. They’re even worse for kids, especially those who won’t listen to mom’s advice and put lotion on immediately afterward. If you want to avoid the burn, make sure to apply sunscreen on all parts of the body not covered by clothing daily. 

Sunscreen aids in cancer prevention.

Nobody wants to worry about cancer when they go out, especially when you’ve already got a million things to manage during the day. But, according to the CDC, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. It is most often caused by UV damage to the skin, which is why wearing sunscreen is a great way to lower your risk. Even if you don’t go out in the sun often, it’s important to keep sunscreen on the go so you can care for yourself now and in the future. 

Sunscreen can prevent telangiectasias.

Hard to say, and even harder to get rid of. Telangiectasias is the breaking of your skin’s blood vessels caused by UV damage which can lead to discoloration and long-term health problems with your skin. Telangiectasias may look like small red spots or red spiderweb-like patterns on the face, neck, and lips. While this is typically not dangerous, it may leave you with lifelong blemishes that are difficult to correct. Sunscreen will help you feel confident in the future and reduce the amount of blemish-correcting skincare you need in the future. 

Like brushing your teeth or taking vitamins, sunscreen use is an easy step toward taking care of your body. With Larkly’s effortless, translucent powder, you can add it to your skincare routine or take it with you for easy reapplication throughout the day. No matter what, your skin is worth it!