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The struggle to find a safe and effective sun protection is real. 

Most store-bought products contain harmful chemicals or are heavy on the skin. We set out to create an ingredient-conscious, SPF formula that our kids would actually want to put on. 

The result is an innovative, sustainable mineral-based sunscreen that feels good on the skin, is good for your health, and good for the planet. 

But it’s not just for kids. Larkly’s translucent, mineral powder won’t mess up your makeup or make your skin greasy. With sustainable, planet-friendly botanical ingredients, Larkly’s Award-Winning SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen works hard to protect your skin’s most commonly missed areas from the sun. 

Larkly 30 SPF Mineral Powder Sunscreen Refill
Larkly Owners Sarah Wilkie and Kerri Faber

When we first started Larkly, we wanted to capture our name to convey the energy that drove the brand into existence; passion, fun, adventure, freedom, travel, and family. We wanted to build a product that got people excited about getting outside and living their best lives – not just in the summer months, but all year round. We wanted to help people find joy in their own lives, as we strive to do the same in our own. 

The Lark is the only bird that sings in flight. They’re symbolic of joy, hope, and laughter. Larks start singing at sunrise, scattering brightness and warmth with their cheerful songs. They represent an approach to life that makes for better living and capture the freedom and joy we are spreading with Larkly.

For any and all of life’s adventures, Larkly is along for the ride. Whatever brings you joy, Larkly has you covered.