Cheers To Annual Screenings!

May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness month and here at Larkly Suncare that’s a very important month on our calendar!  We have many in our lives who have been touched by skin cancer and thanks to early detection we are able to celebrate their victories today!  In fact, many of these survivors are the inspiration to founding Larkly.  One particular warrior who is near and dear to one of our Co-founder’s heart is Piper, Kerri Faber’s Mother.  

“I am grateful to have conquered stage IV melanoma, which was actually first noticed on my ankle by Kerri during a girls’ pedicure!  My main focus now is to stay vigilant to any skin changes, see my dermatologist every 3 months, and to use Larkly on a daily basis, even when taking a walk. In the past, I’ve had a few precancerous growths appear on those overlooked areas – my scalp, the folds of my ears and my eyebrows.  Larkly makes it easy to stay covered and to keep my healthy skin routine!” shared Piper.  

According to the American Association of Cancer Research, Melanoma is an aggressive form of skin cancer. It is more likely to invade nearby tissues and spread to other parts of the body than the more common forms of skin cancer.  Annual screenings are highly recommended by experts and we encourage everyone to take these matters seriously and mark your calendar every year the first Monday in May for #MelanomaMonday. Per the American Academy of Dermatology, 1 out of every 50 Americans is diagnosed at some point in their lifetime. Larkly Suncare holds an SPF30 rating and doesn’t put additional chemicals into your body with all natural minerals including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  We are proud to be chemical free.  

Reef friendly and sustainable suncare, Larkly is designed with using mineral powder with a brush applicator, easy to keep in any purse or travel bag – with a reusable brush you can easily replace with a refill when you run out!  It is easy to apply and the wand and brush make it fun for kids to use.  Children are so vulnerable to sun damage so toss one into their backpacks too!  As moms we are always trying to spray or rub sunscreen on our kids, we knew the challenges by the time we got ALL the kids sun ready, so the Larkly brush applicator makes applying sunscreen fun for all ages! Now there are no excuses to protect yourself from the harsh damage the sun can do.  Plus one of our favorite reasons for staying out of the sun is that in itself proves to be anti-aging!  No one is immune to the dangers of the sun, that’s why it is so important to keep Larkly in your bag – whether it’s your way to a picnic, or just a stroll to the car in the blazing sun!

As part of #MelanomaMonday, we would love to see your Larkly product in action, we invite you to share your Larkly pictures on Facebook or Instagram and make sure to tag us #livelarkly.  We will check all the hashtags on #MelanomaMonday and select one lucky winner for a complimentary Larkly gift set!

Around the USA in 5 Kid-Friendly Spring Vacay Destinations

Spring has definitely sprung. And since last year’s vacation plans didn’t get to bloom, we’re ready for a much-needed trip (fingers crossed) before the dog days of summer. Many parks, resorts and hotels are adhering to strict Covid-19 regulations, so be sure to check their specific policies before heading out and don’t forget your masks and sunscreen. Our Larkly SPF 30 mineral sunscreen is refillable, TSA approved if you’re ok with flying and easily applied with a brush kids can use themselves. 

Let’s take a tour around the country with some great vacation spots the whole family will love.

Yosemite National Park

AutoCamp Yosemite

Located in the Sierra Mountain Range of Northern California, Yosemite Park encompasses 750,000 acres of waterfalls, trails, cliffs, mountains, lakes and meadows. It boasts diverse wildlife and is home to more than 160 rare plants. Whether it’s wading in the Yosemite Valley’s Merced River or enjoying the Mariposa Grove Hike’s giant 200-foot Sequoia trees, you won’t run out of fun family ideas. Don’t forget to carry plenty of water, snacks, and natural, clean sunscreen for you and your kids. 

The park offers fun programs like Wee Wild Ones, a class for kids 6 and under with songs, games and stories about animals. They can also participate in Ranger Ned’s Big Adventure, a live theater program. For an educational trip back in time, head to Pioneer Village and tour the historic house and stagecoaches. Then there’s the Museum at Yosemite Village, which highlights the legacy of the Native Americans who occupied Yosemite. It features rotating artwork and artifacts exhibits, plus activities to keep the kids engaged.

AutoCamp, a more luxurious camping experience featuring airstreams, luxury tents, basecamps and cabins, is 40 minutes west of Yosemite Park. Take advantage of the free bikes, free yoga class, local wine tastings, live music and more. There’s a pool on-site and pets are allowed for an additional $75. 

Rooms start at $189.

Eastern Shore of Maryland

Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort

And for the history buffs…Maryland’s first settlement was established in 1631 and the Maryland coast is a great place for kids to learn more about America’s colonial history. Maryland’s Eastern Shore offers a rich array of historic towns, food and other activities. There’s no shortage of concerts, boat shows, crafts, boating, biking, golf and nature! 

Take a tour of historic downtown Cambridge or stop by Old Trinity Church and soak in over 300 years of history. You can also explore the 28,000-acre Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge or the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center.

The Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort is located on 342 acres of waterfront property with its own golf course, two pools, and a waterslide. There are plenty of activities for the whole family including tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, and mini-golf. The hotel is also dog-friendly and you can bring a maximum of 2 dogs if you pay a $150 charge.

Rooms start at $160.

Kamuela, Hawaii

Mauna Lani 

Want to get a little more tropical? Located on Hawaii’s “Big Island” and near five of Hawaii’s volcanoes, Mauna Lani is a luxury resort that was recently reopened after a $200 million renovation. It’s only 40 minutes from Kona airport and offers a less-crowded experience than other resorts in the area. Gorgeous sunset views, fishponds, lava plains and tropical gardens make it a heavenly experience. There are plenty of fun activities for the whole family like lei making, snorkeling, a historic petroglyph hike, a lava tube tour, surf lessons and even ukelele lessons! Kids can participate in the Living Culture programs, and the Holoholo Kids Crew offers indoor and outdoor cultural activities for different age groups such as culinary classes, movies and storytelling. 

As if we need another reason to love Hawaii, the state has actually banned chemical sunscreens because they’re full of chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate that harm the ocean and aren’t reef-safe. Good thing you can bring our Larkly refillable mineral sunscreen and be a-ok!

Rooms start at $623 a night

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lago Mar Beach Resort & Club

If you’re thinking of driving, hit the road to Fort Lauderdale to check out the Museum of Discovery and Science, Butterfly World or Flamingo Gardens. You can also go on a guided historic walking tour or explore Art of Illusions, a 3D art museum that has some really cool photo opportunities. For the kids, Bluefoot Pirate Adventures offers face paintings, a hunt for lost treasure, lessons in pirate slang and even real water cannons. If you have any water sports lovers in your fam, there’s always boating, jet skiing, scuba diving and more. 

With its 500-foot stretch of private beach, two large swimming pools, mini golf, beach volleyball and ping pong, the Lago Mar Beach Resort is a wonderful, family-friendly destination. For the kids, there’s also a playground and a retro-style Soda Shop with ice cream and a menu just for them. The resort even employs a photographer who takes perfect family pics on the beach for free.

Rooms start at $350.

Saratoga, Wyoming

The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch 

How about a glamorous ranch experience and an unobstructed view of the stars? Look no further than the Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch. Located on a breathtaking 30,000 acres four hours from Denver, this luxurious, all-inclusive resort was named #1 Best Resort in the US by Conde Nast and Forbes. Settled in the Sierra Madres and a short drive from Medicine Bow National Forest, Brush Creek Ranch has a vast network of trails running through it. 

Yes, it’s a dude ranch. But that doesn’t mean you need to get down and dirty, or even get on a horse. You’ll see cowboy boots and tennis shoes as people enjoy horseback riding, hunting, biking, ice fishing, shooting and archery adventures on site. The Lil’ Wranglers program offers kids’ horseback riding, archery, hiking, educational exploration activities and more. For older kids, there’s an arcade, gym, basketball court and volleyball. There are also babysitters available, so you can enjoy some adulting in the spa, wine cellar, distillery, bakery or greenhouse. 

Did we mention the Brush Creek Ranch has its own private mountain? The whole family can cool off with skiing, snowmobiling or snowshoeing. And even though it could be snowy, don’t forget your mineral sunscreen for the mountain!

Rooms start at $1900.

Slow Skin’s Premature Aging with a Day’s Worth of Tips

When you reach your 20s and 30s, your skin might not be as supple and elastic as it once was. The environment. Genetics. Hormonal changes. They all influence aging. But, great news! You can maintain healthy, youthful skin with small habits that require minimal effort and make a huge difference. Let’s walk through what that means for your day.

Drink Less Coffee

You may need a cup of joe to rise and shine, but coffee is a diuretic. Too much depletes your skin’s moisture and causes inflammation by raising cortisol levels. Moderation is key, since it does have antioxidant benefits. If you still need a fix after limiting your coffee intake, maybe replace it with an energy-boosting smoothie or green tea. 

Apply Moisturizer to Damp Skin

The best time to apply toners and moisturizers is when the skin is damp, since the heat makes cells expand and capture the product better. So, lock in that moisture right after your morning shower.

Add Vitamins C and E to Your Morning Routine

They can both be applied topically, are packed with antioxidants, prevent free radical damage and promote collagen formation, plus Vitamin E seals in hydration. Bonus – Larkly’s SPF 30 Mineral Powder is supercharged with Vitamin E, licorice root extract and green tea!

Wear (and Reapply) Sunscreen

Despite the bad rep the sun gets, Vitamin D is essential, so apply that sunscreen before you head out for the day. You’ll want an eco-friendly, reef-safe sunscreen made from naturally occurring minerals like oxide and titanium dioxide and without harmful ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate. The simplest solution is our refillable mineral sunscreen that comes with a handy applicator brush. Maybe throw on a large-brimmed hat for extra protection and soak up the sun safely!

Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

H2O not only helps rid your body of toxins but also retains moisture and helps keep your skin elastic. Not a fan of plain water?  Try adding berries, mint, orange slices or natural fruit juice to fancy it up. Don’t forget to earn points with Mother Earth by using a refillable water bottle!

Cut Out Bad Habits Every Day

There are tons of temptations every day, but here are a few to avoid that can really affect your skin. Cut out smoking for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it leads to wrinkles and tired-looking skin. Reduce your alcohol intake for more hydrated, less inflamed skin. And finally, keep sweets only as a special treat. Their sugar and refined carbs inhibit collagen production and can lead to acne and other skin conditions. Your sweet tooth may not be happy, but your skin will look radiant!

Tweak Your Daily Diet

Eat antioxidant-rich foods like berries, grapes, beets and dark green vegetables for lots of benefits to your skin. Add collagen to your diet in the form of salmon and chicken. Or add a scoop of gelatin or collagen peptides to your soups or smoothies. Both of those approaches will up your collagen and restore elasticity to your skin. And finally, eat healthy fats like cod liver oil, eggs, seeds, nuts and olive oil. Those Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty acids will keep your skin soft and glowing!

Pick Up an Aloe Vera Plant

While you’re out, grab an aloe vera plant to bring home. Just clip off a piece and add aloe vera to a smoothie or apply it right to your skin. It has loads of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties (plus it’s great for healing scars or burns), so it does more than just add green to your house.

End Your Day with Retinol

You’ve washed your face before bed, but what else can you do? There’s a lot of hype around Retinol now, and for good reason. It’s a synthetic form of Vitamin A and increases cell turnover, which means your skin will produce new cells at a more rapid rate. Many people swear by retinol’s abilities to keep their skin wrinkle-free and smooth. If you’re sensitive to Retinol, don’t worry. Go natural with Bakuchiol, which has had some great results in a recent clinical trial. 

Sleep with a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases don’t tug on your skin like cotton and they prevent your skin from creasing while you sleep. Your skin will also stay more hydrated because silk doesn’t absorb moisture the way cotton does. They’re great for your hair as well because they help prevent frizz!

What a day! With these suggestions of little daily ways to keep your skin happy, you’ll notice a difference in no time. Just remember, it’s all about moderation. If you’re on vacation and want to a drink or a fancy dessert, go for it! Enjoy your life! Just remember to stay hydrated, keep Larkly on hand, eat a balanced diet, and take care of yourself!