Summer is winding down and schools across the country are back in session.  Just because the kids are back in school doesn’t mean we should let our sun safety slip after all the hard work we put in as mommas this summer training our kids to put on Larkly!  Kids will actually spend 5-8 hours a week outside still with physical education, after school sports practice, lunch and recess. Harmful UV rays are present year-round not just in the summer!  And we all know that UV rays are the strongest from around 10 until 4 during these activities.  Some schools provide some shade over the playgrounds and clothing can help, but nothing will help more than an effective application of sunscreen.

Larkly is an ideal solution for the kids!  Apply before they leave for school and toss the Larkly Applicator in their backpack – it is so lightweight they won’t even notice anything extra!  Larkly doesn’t need time to absorb in so applying 30 minutes before going outside isn’t necessary.  Some schools do not allow sunscreen so make sure to ask your child’s doctor for a permission slip that they can allow sun protection such as Larkly during school and in their backpack if your school does not allow this.  Make sure as you head back to school, remind your family the value of continued protection with Larkly and #livelarkly!