Are You Applying Sunscreen To These Areas?

Traditional sunscreens are not the most fun part of your outdoorsy weekend. They’re greasy, sticky, and have that distinct sunscreen smell that gets on your clothes. Ick! It’s no wonder that most people only apply it to their extremities and torso when going out for a swim or a hike. However, sunscreen can and should be applied all over, including some areas you’re probably missing regularly. 

Larkly has designed our sunscreen to be easily applied on the face, neck, arms, and hands, without the greasy texture or smell that makes it unpleasant to wear. Unfortunately, you’re likely forgetting these six areas, so be sure to apply sunscreen on them the next time you go out!


Most people would typically only put eyeshadow here, but there are plenty of reasons to apply sunscreen on makeup-less days. The eyelids are a tricky spot to apply sunscreen, but it is totally worth the effort! You can prevent crow’s feet and other wrinkles near the eyes by using sunscreen regularly. Larkly’s mineral formula makes it easier to apply sunscreen along with eye makeup or by itself to protect this delicate skin from sun damage. 


The ears are an often-missed area for sunscreen but can be a very painful spot for a sunburn. If you have short hair or are wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail, you need sun protection for the back of the ears and around the ears on the neck. When you’re not peeling or dealing with flaky skin in your hair, you’ll be so glad you did this!


Sunburn on the scalp can make it look like you have the worst dandruff in the world, except it hurts a lot more. It can be tricky to get sunscreen underneath the hair, but application at the hairline is essential to ensure you prevent burns and keep your skin looking great. If you have thinner hair or no hair, apply Larkly’s sunscreen to the head as well. 


Your hands are responsible for doing so many things, and they should be taken care of accordingly. Sun damage to the hands can cause dryness, sun spots, and long-term skin abnormalities. By applying sunscreen to them, you can keep your hands healthy and beautiful for years to come.


Most people forget to apply sunscreen to their necks, especially if long hair covers their shoulders. However, sunscreen is necessary both on the throat and on the back of the neck to prevent sunburn and other damage caused by UV light. It might tickle a little bit with our brush (the delicate hairs are made to be super soft), but it’s worth the effort when you don’t have a red turtleneck all week.


Your chest is exposed to a lot of sunlight if you wear a v-neck, tank top, or a swimsuit at the beach. Unfortunately, it is also a prime spot for wrinkles and sunspots later in life, so sunscreen is essential for this body area. Luckily, Larykly’s sunscreen powder is entirely translucent, so it won’t look like you’re wearing makeup or sunscreen while you’re out enjoying the day. 

Are you missing these spots when you go out to the beach or pool? If so, add them to your sunscreen routine for a more even and safe application. 

Sunburned Pumpkins?

What makes skin just like a pumpkin?  Both can get a dangerous sunburn. Who knew?!  If the pumpkins do not have a canopy over them, the “sunburned fruit have a reddish area facing the sun which will eventually soften and rot”. Source Here 

The same thing happens to our fragile skin.  We will get a sunburn and can lead to danger for us!  The best protection for a pumpkin is a good canopy through to harvest and to remain on the vine, but for our human skin the best protection needs more than a bit of shade.  Larkly is easy to apply and has an SPF 30, keeping the harmful UV rays off our skin.  So while you head out to harvest your pumpkin at the local patch, or while you jump onto a hayride during the day make sure to apply and reapply your sunscreen.  Just because the weather has turned a slight bit cooler it does not mean that the danger is gone! Make sure to Live Larkly and apply Larkly during your next outdoor activity!

Just for fun we did a quick google search of fun pumpkin facts!  Little known facts about pumpkins:

  • The word ‘pumpkin’ comes from the Greek word, pepon, which means a “large melon.”
  • Pumpkins originated in Central America.
  • Pumpkins are actually a fruit. 
  • The yellow-orange flowers that bloom on the pumpkin vine are edible.
  • Native Americans grew and ate pumpkins and their seeds long before the Pilgrims reached this continent. Pilgrims learned how to grow and prepare pumpkins from the Native Americans.
  • The earliest pumpkin pie made in America was quite different than the pumpkin pie we enjoy today. Pilgrims and early settlers made pumpkin pie by hollowing out a pumpkin, filling the shell with milk, honey and spices and baking it.
  • The ‘Pumpkin Capital of the World’ is Morton, Illinois. Home of Libby’s pumpkin industry. The state of Illinois grows the most pumpkins. It harvests about 12,300 acres of pumpkins annually.
  • The latest U.S. record (2019) for the largest pumpkin ever grown weighed in at 2,517.5 pounds by Karl Haist of Clarence Center, New York.
  • The countries with the highest volumes of pumpkin consumption in 2018 were China (7.9M tons), India (5.9M tons) and Russia (1.3M tons), together accounting for 53% of global consumption.


The Importance of Year-Round Sun Protection

When you’re hanging by the pool or getting in the car for a trip to the beach, bringing sunscreen with you is a no-brainer. It’s something Mom and Dad would drill into your head every summer, and you probably do it with your kids now too! But, sunscreen isn’t just important for a day at the pool or a hike in the summer, it should be an integral part of your daily skincare routine especially if you’ll be outside for more than 30 minutes during the day.

Larkly designed our mineral sunscreen to make it easy to include sun protection as part of your daily routine. Whether you’re an on-the-go parent or someone who leads an active, outdoorsy lifestyle, you need a barrier for your skin to keep it looking and feeling its best. Here are four reasons why this addition to your routine is essential for long-term health and wellness: 

Sunscreen provides anti-aging benefits.

All of us want to age gracefully, and the best way to do so is to protect our skin. UV damage causes collagen and connective tissues in your skin to break down, which leads to wrinkles later in life. UV damage can also cause dark spots, which enhances the signs of aging. By applying Larkly’s mineral sunscreen to your face, neck, and hands, you can avoid these dark spots and keep your natural glow effortlessly! 

Sunscreen prevents painful sunburns.

Have you ever come home from a day at the beach looking red as a lobster, and not even notice until you step inside? Ouch! Sunburns can be incredibly painful, especially if you have a fair complexion or if the burned area covers a significant portion of your body. They’re even worse for kids, especially those who won’t listen to mom’s advice and put lotion on immediately afterward. If you want to avoid the burn, make sure to apply sunscreen on all parts of the body not covered by clothing daily. 

Sunscreen aids in cancer prevention.

Nobody wants to worry about cancer when they go out, especially when you’ve already got a million things to manage during the day. But, according to the CDC, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. It is most often caused by UV damage to the skin, which is why wearing sunscreen is a great way to lower your risk. Even if you don’t go out in the sun often, it’s important to keep sunscreen on the go so you can care for yourself now and in the future. 

Sunscreen can prevent telangiectasias.

Hard to say, and even harder to get rid of. Telangiectasias is the breaking of your skin’s blood vessels caused by UV damage which can lead to discoloration and long-term health problems with your skin. Telangiectasias may look like small red spots or red spiderweb-like patterns on the face, neck, and lips. While this is typically not dangerous, it may leave you with lifelong blemishes that are difficult to correct. Sunscreen will help you feel confident in the future and reduce the amount of blemish-correcting skincare you need in the future. 

Like brushing your teeth or taking vitamins, sunscreen use is an easy step toward taking care of your body. With Larkly’s effortless, translucent powder, you can add it to your skincare routine or take it with you for easy reapplication throughout the day. No matter what, your skin is worth it!

Tailgate Time!

Fall is near and football season is here!  To many of us that means friends, football, tailgate parties and more!  While you are cheering on your favorite team, make sure to keep protecting your skin and don’t forget the sunscreen. Larkly is so easy to add into the bag you are taking to the game!  People often think just because the temperatures have cooled down a bit that it is time to toss aside the protection from the sun.  That’s where we come in, just grab the brush out of your bag and apply a quick swoosh of Larkly before you hit the stadium.  Are you a tailgater?  We have a better idea! Just swipe on a little bit of Larkly before you grab that first sip of your favorite tailgate adult beverage! Pack your refill because all of your friends will want to borrow your Larkly applicator to protect their own skin! There are so many unnecessary sunburns from football games – make sure to protect your players, cheerleaders and fans!

We love a great tailgate Bloody Mary when we are out protecting our skin! Make sure to give our fave a try while you are applying your fave – SPF30 Larkly sunscreen. To make a delicious Bloody Mary, take the following ingredients (recipe was originally discovered on Frank’s Red Hot Sauce site)

  • 2 oz Vodka
  • .75 oz Lemon juice
  • Tomato juice
  • .5 tbsp horseradish
  • 1 tsp celery salt
  • 10 dashes Frank’s Red Hot
  • 5 dashes Tabasco
  • 4 dashes Worcestershire sauce
  • And add your favorite topper – chicken wings, celery, olives and get creative!

Cheers, enjoy the game and Live Larkly!

All Natural Here!

Sunscreens are created for protection against damage caused by the powerful ultraviolet rays (UV) rays from the sun, particularly to aid in the prevention of melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer with more than 200,000 new cases diagnosed every year.  The FDA has put many years into investigating  sunscreens on the market for harmful, carcinogenic ingredients and the results they have found are astonishing. We are here to reassure you that Larkly will never be on that recall list because   Larkly only uses all natural and sustainable ingredients in our product

In 2019, the FDA concluded that there were only two ingredients that were harmless for sunscreen per, “it found that only two ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, could be classified as safe and effective, based on the currently available information.” Furthermore, it went on to share that the FDA had growing concerns regarding the endocrine-disrupting effects of many chemicals in sunscreen. The latest news states that the FDA and many stores are pulling products from shelves for including potentially unacceptable levels of carcinogenic ingredients – clearly negating the effect of trying to use sunscreen to protect our body’s from the harmful UV rays, a dichotomy to say the least. (For more information, see article on Bloomberg: FDA looking at sunscreens)

Kerri Faber and Sarah Wilkie, co-founders of Larkly have seven children between their two families and they were growing weary of battling sunscreen with their little ones from crying, arguing to apply spray and cream to having their eyes burn in the water.  Beyond the physical obvious reasons, they also knew the ingredients could not be good for their health conscious families. The frustration was enough for them that they spent the next 4 years formulating a safe, effective product that was easier to apply and just as important, good for the environment.  “We were committed from day one to make something safe and effective , and good for you and good for the planet.  No compromises ever.” shared Kerri. The result of this collaboration (aka their labor of love!) was the launch of Larkly’s platform product, a safe and effective mineral powder sunscreen! What’s fun about Larkly, is the unique packaging and the applicator makes it easier for children to apply to their own face and hard to miss areas around their eyes, ears and neck.  

Sarah added “we are reef friendly as well, which is very important to us to be good to the planet, we have to consider the impact long term of our actions so ensuring we use ingredients that don’t destroy the world is a top priority for us.”

Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are the main ingredients in Larkly, mineral based powder sunscreen and has been awarded the “Best Power Sunscreen” in 2021 by New Beauty Insider.  These ingredients are naturally occurring and are not chemically created, so when used together they provide SPF30 (blocking 97% of harmful rays) and as the FDA has backed up in their recent research, are the only safe ingredients for sunscreen usage.

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To learn more about the FDA’s investigation, please visit


Summer is winding down and schools across the country are back in session.  Just because the kids are back in school doesn’t mean we should let our sun safety slip after all the hard work we put in as mommas this summer training our kids to put on Larkly!  Kids will actually spend 5-8 hours a week outside still with physical education, after school sports practice, lunch and recess. Harmful UV rays are present year-round not just in the summer!  And we all know that UV rays are the strongest from around 10 until 4 during these activities.  Some schools provide some shade over the playgrounds and clothing can help, but nothing will help more than an effective application of sunscreen.

Larkly is an ideal solution for the kids!  Apply before they leave for school and toss the Larkly Applicator in their backpack – it is so lightweight they won’t even notice anything extra!  Larkly doesn’t need time to absorb in so applying 30 minutes before going outside isn’t necessary.  Some schools do not allow sunscreen so make sure to ask your child’s doctor for a permission slip that they can allow sun protection such as Larkly during school and in their backpack if your school does not allow this.  Make sure as you head back to school, remind your family the value of continued protection with Larkly and #livelarkly!