Are You Applying Sunscreen To These Areas?

Traditional sunscreens are not the most fun part of your outdoorsy weekend. They’re greasy, sticky, and have that distinct sunscreen smell that gets on your clothes. Ick! It’s no wonder that most people only apply it to their extremities and torso when going out for a swim or a hike. However, sunscreen can and should be applied all over, including some areas you’re probably missing regularly. 

Larkly has designed our sunscreen to be easily applied on the face, neck, arms, and hands, without the greasy texture or smell that makes it unpleasant to wear. Unfortunately, you’re likely forgetting these six areas, so be sure to apply sunscreen on them the next time you go out!


Most people would typically only put eyeshadow here, but there are plenty of reasons to apply sunscreen on makeup-less days. The eyelids are a tricky spot to apply sunscreen, but it is totally worth the effort! You can prevent crow’s feet and other wrinkles near the eyes by using sunscreen regularly. Larkly’s mineral formula makes it easier to apply sunscreen along with eye makeup or by itself to protect this delicate skin from sun damage. 


The ears are an often-missed area for sunscreen but can be a very painful spot for a sunburn. If you have short hair or are wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail, you need sun protection for the back of the ears and around the ears on the neck. When you’re not peeling or dealing with flaky skin in your hair, you’ll be so glad you did this!


Sunburn on the scalp can make it look like you have the worst dandruff in the world, except it hurts a lot more. It can be tricky to get sunscreen underneath the hair, but application at the hairline is essential to ensure you prevent burns and keep your skin looking great. If you have thinner hair or no hair, apply Larkly’s sunscreen to the head as well. 


Your hands are responsible for doing so many things, and they should be taken care of accordingly. Sun damage to the hands can cause dryness, sun spots, and long-term skin abnormalities. By applying sunscreen to them, you can keep your hands healthy and beautiful for years to come.


Most people forget to apply sunscreen to their necks, especially if long hair covers their shoulders. However, sunscreen is necessary both on the throat and on the back of the neck to prevent sunburn and other damage caused by UV light. It might tickle a little bit with our brush (the delicate hairs are made to be super soft), but it’s worth the effort when you don’t have a red turtleneck all week.


Your chest is exposed to a lot of sunlight if you wear a v-neck, tank top, or a swimsuit at the beach. Unfortunately, it is also a prime spot for wrinkles and sunspots later in life, so sunscreen is essential for this body area. Luckily, Larykly’s sunscreen powder is entirely translucent, so it won’t look like you’re wearing makeup or sunscreen while you’re out enjoying the day. 

Are you missing these spots when you go out to the beach or pool? If so, add them to your sunscreen routine for a more even and safe application.