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Sunscreens are created for protection against damage caused by the powerful ultraviolet rays (UV) rays from the sun, particularly to aid in the prevention of melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer with more than 200,000 new cases diagnosed every year.  The FDA has put many years into investigating  sunscreens on the market for harmful, carcinogenic ingredients and the results they have found are astonishing. We are here to reassure you that Larkly will never be on that recall list because   Larkly only uses all natural and sustainable ingredients in our product

In 2019, the FDA concluded that there were only two ingredients that were harmless for sunscreen per, “it found that only two ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, could be classified as safe and effective, based on the currently available information.” Furthermore, it went on to share that the FDA had growing concerns regarding the endocrine-disrupting effects of many chemicals in sunscreen. The latest news states that the FDA and many stores are pulling products from shelves for including potentially unacceptable levels of carcinogenic ingredients – clearly negating the effect of trying to use sunscreen to protect our body’s from the harmful UV rays, a dichotomy to say the least. (For more information, see article on Bloomberg: FDA looking at sunscreens)

Kerri Faber and Sarah Wilkie, co-founders of Larkly have seven children between their two families and they were growing weary of battling sunscreen with their little ones from crying, arguing to apply spray and cream to having their eyes burn in the water.  Beyond the physical obvious reasons, they also knew the ingredients could not be good for their health conscious families. The frustration was enough for them that they spent the next 4 years formulating a safe, effective product that was easier to apply and just as important, good for the environment.  “We were committed from day one to make something safe and effective , and good for you and good for the planet.  No compromises ever.” shared Kerri. The result of this collaboration (aka their labor of love!) was the launch of Larkly’s platform product, a safe and effective mineral powder sunscreen! What’s fun about Larkly, is the unique packaging and the applicator makes it easier for children to apply to their own face and hard to miss areas around their eyes, ears and neck.  

Sarah added “we are reef friendly as well, which is very important to us to be good to the planet, we have to consider the impact long term of our actions so ensuring we use ingredients that don’t destroy the world is a top priority for us.”

Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are the main ingredients in Larkly, mineral based powder sunscreen and has been awarded the “Best Power Sunscreen” in 2021 by New Beauty Insider.  These ingredients are naturally occurring and are not chemically created, so when used together they provide SPF30 (blocking 97% of harmful rays) and as the FDA has backed up in their recent research, are the only safe ingredients for sunscreen usage.

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